Friday, September 18, 2009

Hyatt tribute a moving experience...

Last night's bluegrass jam session in honor of Ms. Neila Hyatt was a "moving" experience in every sense of the word. Ms. Hyatt has been hosting an open session at her house in Asheville for more than half a century, and last night she brought that session to the Mountain State Fair. Dozens of musicians and fans showed up to pay tribute to a lady who has done so much for bluegrass, and music in general, in western North Carolina. Right away it was easy to see just how many people have been affected by her generosity, from musicians who have formed bands after meeting at her house to those who have found refuge in the fellowship shared each Thursday with Ms. Hyatt. And once the music started, it wasn't long before people in the audience started moving their feet. There were covers of bluegrass classics and original material written especially for the occasion. On stage, people came and went with instruments in hand, and many shared their fond memories and appreication for Ms. Hyatt. It was both an inspiring and entertaining event.

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