Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Setup really begins to pick up...

Here is picture number two of my fair transformation experiment. This photo was taken around 7 pm today, almost 24 hours after yesterday's first photo. You can see the midway has really started to fill up with rides and vendors. Just to the right of the Ferris wheel you can see a crane setting up a ride brought in today. You can't tell from the photo, but the chairlift was in operation when I took the shot as well. Off in the distance, you can see some ominous clouds looming. Yesterday's shot had a similar background. We've had quite a few showers these past couple of days, and today we were hit hard by some of the storms that blew across western NC. One of the trees outside our office was even struck lightning. It was the loudest and shortest boom I've ever heard, and the light that came through the blinds was "electric". Pardon the pun. Check back for tomorrow's picture.

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